When to repair versus when to replace an existing floor in your home?

When it comes to maintaining the performance and beauty of your floors, you must take a "common sense" based approach. First and foremost, ask yourself the following questions; How old is my floor covering? Have my warranties expired? Do I still enjoy the overall appearance of my floor? How you answer these questions will play a great part in the final decision that you will make. Of course, we here at Cranston Flooring Solutions would love the opportunity to assist you by giving you our professional opinion and any advice to help with your decision making process.

Carpet is the most commonly repaired floor covering. "Bunching", or carpet wrinkles are extremely unsightly and can even lead to trip hazards if the proper attention is not received. Seams fraying, carpet coming loose at transitions, hard-to and irremovable stains are all repairable problems.

Ceramic Tile is extremely durable, gorgeous in appearance and has the longevity we all desire. Unfortunately, many installation errors occur everyday to unsuspecting home owners. Loose, broken tiles and grout are the most common issue. Easily repairable, call us today for a free inspection.

Cranston Flooring Solutions works exclusively with pre-finished hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring comes pre-finished for a no fuss installation. There's no dust from sanding, no fumes from chemicals and no waiting for the finish to dry. These floors are warranted to last longer than site-finished floors. This is because factory applied urethane finishes are much tougher and longer lasting than site-applied finishes. In most cases replacing the problematic boards with new ones will lead to an enjoyable floor that will once again perform to your standards.

Your floors are an investment worth maintaining. If you have any repair issues, we urge you to call for your free inspection today. If unattended to, a simple repair can lead to a mandatory replacement. Please remember, your floor is only as good as the installer. Having said that, call the best, Cranston Flooring Solutions at 704-622-9599.